‘Have said it before but I say again that I much admire the very idea, enthusiasm and the commitment of all those involved in this learning experience. Great work!’ – Ambassador Petteri Vuorimäkki, Senior Arctic Official for Finland

Delegates to Polar Aspect MACs such as NORMAC University find them inspiring and enjoyable. Read on for a small selection of comments about past NORMAC University conferences.

‘Loved it!  Very eye-opening’ – Delegate

‘Amazingly good!’ – Delegate

‘I was surprised by how easy it was to get into the spirit of the conference and how it pushed me to try my hardest to take as much out of it as I could’ – Delegate

‘Spectacularly organised, materials were very helpful which helped facilitate effective learning experiences’ – Delegate

‘My knowledge of the Arctic and its Indigenous peoples has greatly increased over the course of the conference’ – Delegate

Before attending NORMAC, I was taught through my science background that the Arctic was the canary in the coal mine for climate change, it was an area of melting glaciers and rapid change. NORMAC has completely changed my view; the Arctic is a homeland’ – Delegate

‘The people—all delegates and staff—made this conference what it is. They’re an inspiration and I’m thrilled to have made so many new friends from all over the world with the goal of a sustainable future in mind’ – Delegate

‘Learning from and engaging with the other students to the degree that I did during the course of the conference was not something that I had anticipated but was a massive and enjoyable part of my NORMAC experience’ – Delegate

‘Fantastic. I would recommend this experience to all my course-mates. What a great experience learning how to make friends and negotiate and be confident in what I know/have learnt!’ – Delegate

‘Very well organised and thought through project, would definitely recommend it to any student. It is an extremely enriching experience!’ – Delegate

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with NORMAC. It has made me realise the kind of career path I would like to pursue (diplomacy)’ – Delegate

‘Really had a great time—thank you for getting me out of my shell!’ – Delegate

‘Wonderful!  Best thing I’ve done at university’ – Delegate

‘Would love to be involved again next year!’ – Delegate