The host of NORMAC is Norwich School , one of the UK’s top independent, coeducational day schools. The school is situated in the old ecclesiastical quarter of Norwich Cathedral, nestled within a walled precinct known as the Cathedral Close. It can trace its history back to 1096, when it was founded by the first Bishop of Norwich as his Cathedral school. The Close is a perhaps the most beautiful historic space within the city of Norwich, and the school and Cathedral present a leafy and calm contrast with the vibrant urban life just outside Close’s tall medieval gates.


Named a UNESCO City of Literature in 2012, Norwich has had a long relationship with books and learning. Pupils and teachers are welcome here. Norwich was also the second city of England for several centuries from the Middle Ages to the Georgian Era, when it grew wealthy on agriculture and trade. This prosperity is still reflected in the city’s fine architectural heritage of medieval churches, narrow streets lined with merchants houses, and imposing civic buildings. Today, Norwich is a very lively and walkable city, with many pedestrianised lanes lined with shops, cafes and restaurants, all converging on a large market square.

Though NORMAC is an all-day affair, visiting delegations will still have time to explore Norwich’s many historic and modern attractions. In addition, some occasions on the NORMAC timetable are scheduled take place at well-known historic locations within the city—past NORMAC conferences, for instance, included meetings or events at the Anteros Arts Foundation , The Great Hospital and The Assembly House . For more about what Norwich has to offer the visitor, see the website of Visit Norwich .


Visiting delegations from other cities will find numerous hotels within the city of Norwich. The three hotels closest to Norwich School are:

Morning and afternoon tea and coffee, as well as lunch, will be provided to delegates and advisors whilst NORMAC is in session. A welcome dinner will also be provided on the Thursday evening, and a formal dinner on the Saturday evening. Delegates and advisors will then be free to arrange their own breakfasts, as well as dinner on the Friday evening. A restaurant listing is available from the website of Visit Norwich .


Norwich School is located at 71a The Close, Norwich, NR1 4DD—see the map below for exact details.


Norwich International Airport  is a feeder airport for Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. It is served by KLM with a number of daily flights to and from Schiphol. The closest London airport to Norwich is Stansted Airport , about 90 minutes away by car, or 120 minutes away by train via Cambridge, assuming no traffic or delays.


Norwich Train Station  is located at the junction of Riverside Road and Thorpe Road. It is approximately a 10-minute walk away from the school. Norwich Bus Station  is located between Surrey Street and Queens Road. It is approximately a 15-minute walk away from the school.


As with most city-centre schools, parking is limited. The two closest public covered car parks are New Rose Lane Car Park  in Mountergate (NR1 1PY) and St Andrews Car Park  in Duke Street (NR3 3AT). Both permit overnight parking, and both are approximately a 5-minute walk from Norwich School. For full information about parking in Norwich, see the website of Norwich City Council .