‘I have been following this with great fascination. Future Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials in the making’ – Ambassador Petteri Vuorimäkki, Senior Arctic Official for Finland

Delegates to Polar Aspect MACs  such as NORMAC Schools find them inspiring and enjoyable, and teachers value their educational benefits.  Read on for a small selection of comments about past NORMAC Schools conferences.

Overall experience

‘The best conference ever!’ – Delegate

‘The conference was exceptional, I loved every part’ – Delegate

‘It was exciting to be a part of a real-life simulation of Arctic politics’ – Delegate

‘When I first came to the conference, I knew practically nothing about the Arctic and Indigenous peoples and I feel as if I gained so much knowledge’ – Delegate

‘Working in a consensus building body is a very refreshing environment in modern day politics, where everybody has to collaborate and agree’ – Delegate

‘Excellent — beautifully hosted and extremely beneficial for the development of confidence in students’ – Teacher

‘It is the need for consensus (not just a majority) which makes it truly special — in a world of hyper-partisanship and populism, an event that identifies the things that unite and compromise is just the tonic for the youth of today’ – Teacher

conference materials

‘Research briefs and example resolution were very helpful. Wide range of topics, lots of scope for research’ – Delegate

‘Good, detailed and informative conference materials — they helped a lot’ – Delegate

‘Really loved everything — had lots of detail and easy to follow’ – Delegate

‘Interesting, informative and addictive!!’ – Delegate

‘Excellent, full and informative. A step above the norm’ – Teacher

‘Appropriate, relevant, informative and suitably challenging’ – Teacher


‘Well run, and the organisation of the event was superb’ – Delegate

‘Awesome! Well done, and thanks to everyone involved’ – Delegate

‘It’s lovely to meet people in an environment that feels professional but also fun – because you can make friends whilst also getting stuff done’ – Delegate‘ – Delegate

‘The event was brilliantly organised, with excellent venues, wonderful hospitality and with a great deal of quality learning in the very best way’ – Teacher

‘I just want to say thank you again for such a fantastic weekend, the students in the Secretariat were fantastic and the overall event amazingly well run’ – Teacher

‘Really well organised and managed.  Exceptional leadership and staffing, especially teaching from the Director as the conference was in progress’ – Teacher


‘No — I love it!’ – Delegate

‘Perfect!’ – Delegate

‘Whoever is reading this, please tell [our teacher] to let us come next year’ – Delegate

‘I wanted you to know what a ‘diamond’ of model diplomacy you have in NORMAC. I attend a lot of events, and it is one that my students always look forward to’ – Teacher

‘[My colleague] is now really busy with new roles within the college, but he insists on attending NORMAC. This pretty much reflects how we perceive your conference; no matter how busy or exhausted one is, NORMAC is worth it’ – Teacher

‘My students in attendance have been wowed by the event and have enjoyed the opportunity for collaboration, consensus and compassion that NORMAC encourages, affirms and rewards . . . Dr Speca has been at his inspiring best, allowing the students to take ownership of their ideas and providing them with a platform to learn, unlike any other’ – Teacher