Registration for NORMAC Schools 6 is now open to any school around the world!  NORMAC Schools 6 will take place from 3rd to 6th March 2022 at Norwich School in the UK.  The cost of participation is £85 per pupil, which includes three days of diplomatic negotiations, a welcome dinner, a formal dinner, three lunches and regular refreshments.

Registration is handled by school rather than by individual delegate, and schools should please use the registration form below.  Registration officially closes on Friday 28th January 2022, but schools are encouraged to register early in order to secure places for their pupils—ideally in good time before the Christmas holidays.

Once registration closes in January, delegations will be allocated to each school, and delegate materials will be made available for download.  Schools will also be sent a link to a pre-conference information form to be completed for each individual delegate.

Thank you for your interest in NORMAC Schools!  Should you have any questions about registering for NORMAC Schools 6, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Participation in NORMAC Schools conferences is open to pupils from any secondary school in the world. A registration form will normally be made available below at some point each autumn for the annual NORMAC conference in March.  If registration is not yet open, then please feel free to contact us in order to stay informed about upcoming NORMAC Schools conferences, as well as other Polar Aspect educational opportunities .

You are welcome to review our privacy statement before submitting your registration form.  General inquiries about NORMAC Schools or Polar Aspect from pupils, teachers, schools, or other organisations or individuals are also most welcome using our contact form, or using the email and social icons at the bottom of this page.


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Each delegation includes up to three pupils. If demand is high, it is possible that the number of delegations per school will be limited, or the number of delegates per delegation increased. Registered schools will be informed of any such changes at close of registration.
Please feel free to list specific Arctic States or Indigenous Permanent Participant organisations, or to state more general preferences. Every effort will be made to accommodate preferences, but they cannot be guaranteed.
It is possible to bring up to three additional pupils to the conference as observers or for some other purpose, such as school media, real-time research support, mentoring/peer support, etc. Please note that the normal £85 participation fee will apply to each additional pupil. Please enter the number of any additional pupils here.
It is assumed that the school staff member completing this form will be accompanying the pupil delegates to NORMAC. Other school staff are welcome to accompany pupils as well, but please note a fee of £40 will apply to each additional staff member beyond the first. Please enter the names of any other accompanying staff here.